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Depositing Change

June 21st, 2011 at 06:30 am

Last night I went through my purse and found over $6.00 in change. So I rolled up what I could and plan to deposit it into my personal Money Market account later on this week. My DH and I have one joint Money Market and I have a personal Money Market. He has Pension, 401k and an IRA. So I decided to have a personal Money Market as well as my IRA at Vanguard. Plus I kind of view my Money Market as my own personal emergency fund too.

DH gets an extra paycheck in July and I really want to put all of it in our Money Market account. I'm not sure if it is going to work out. We keep getting unexpected expenses. Plus our car is STILL in the shop and the mechanic will not call us back! I feel like going to his shop and just picking up our car. I will NOT use him again!

1 Responses to “Depositing Change”

  1. Jerry Says:

    That is really annoying to deal with an unresponsive mechanic... I would try calling him from a friend's phone or a pay phone to maybe lead to getting an answer, at least. It's amazing how people tend to ignore the fact that good customer service and communication is what offers some insurance of repeat business. This guy really blew it, from the sound of things!

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